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Ten Books that shaped me as a writer, T-Magazine, 7-July-2014 Killed me to leave out Ishiguro and James Dickey.

BOMB Magazine,  3-November-2014 with David Richardson.

The Rumpus, 16-Sept-2014, with Ben Pfeiffer “The novel is organic, but highly structured, a journey mapped onto other texts, books you don’t have to read to enjoy Chancellor’s wild, mythic tour de force.”

Books and Authors with Cary Barbor, 31-July-2014, Episode 323  “When college water polo star Owen Burr gets injured during a match and loses his chance to compete in the Olympics, he heads to Berlin to become an artist. Back in the US, his professor father has lost track of Owen and sets off on a speaking tour to try to find him. From there, father and son manage to stay several steps away from each other in this riveting novel.”

Revolution John, 28-October-2014, with Sheldon Compton  “Will Chancellor is a writer who takes his time.  More than a decade of work went into his debut novel A Brave Man Seven Storeys Tall, not to mention hands-on research that can only be compared to method acting in order to give the book its rock solid authenticity. Better than that, he originally intended to publish the book anonymously.”

Steph Post, 22-July-2014 “If my favorite moment in the span of a summer’s day could be tamed and encapsulated inside of a novel, that novel would be Will Chancellor’s epic debut A Brave Man Seven Storeys Tall.”

PMc Magazine, Fall 2014 

Book RiotWhat Authors are reading this summer, 28-August-2014

“I just finished Green Girl by Kate Zambreno. I try to hold off from saying hyperbolic shit about a book until I have at least a few months’ perspective, but…I’m in the middle of The Other Side by Lacy M. Johnson. You know how pebbles of shattered glass from a car window have an unexpected smoothness and this beautiful blue on the edges that you swear you’ve never seen before? That…I’m also reading High as the Horses’ Bridles by Scott Cheshire. This book begins with the boldest step I’ve read in a long time, maybe ever. Picture Indiana Jones standing on the edge of a yawning canyon. He reads: “Only in the leap from the lion’s head will he prove his worth.” There’s nothing there, just vastness, but he kicks his leg high and trusts that an invisible bridge, The Path of God, will be there to catch him. That’s the first step of Cheshire’s novel…I’m rereading Memorial by Alice Oswald. I was staying with an Irish friend who loves this book and I ended up copying the whole thing into a Moleskine. Technically, the poem is a lament. I keep rereading it, however, because it is so shatteringly beautiful on life. It’s structured around the Iliad, but reminds me most of Malick’s Thin Red Line. Here’s a soul, one of many, leaving a body:

Like fire with its loose hair flying rushes through the city

The look of unmasked light shocks everything to rubble

And flames howl through the gaps”

19-Feb-2015, 0s&1s with Catherine Lacey

Feb-2016, Pen Parentis

Feb-2017, Mason Mercer’s At Home With the Artist, youtube a day in the life…walking through Chinatown up to my apartment…where I wax earnest